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Prince Albert Piercing!The piercing itself is intense, but honestly not as painful as getting my nipples done was. I do recommend it though. Got my prince Albert piercing bled alot but as far as pain goes I would compare it to getting an IV put in your arm. Woman who did it was great and had the references to.

I have a prince Albert and it didn't hurt I have just had an ampallang which is straight through the head and I didn't feel a thing and my OH has video proof The Albert does do something during sex as the only complaint I've had is when I've taken it out, yet to try the ampallang bit just changed the bar today.

A place to discuss, share, and publish anything related to Prince Albert Piercings. All submitted posts must be related to male Prince Albert piercings. This is not the place to discuss other genital piercings, strictly prince alberts.

Последние твиты от Prince Albert Indo (@papiercing91) Comments with your PA pics #PA #dick #tindik #tindikpenis #cbrpiercing #pierced #piercedcock #princealbertpiercing #papiercing #princealbert #piercing #piercedcock #PA Prince Albert Indo ретвитнул(а). Tic tac toes‏ @Feetsoulstoes 5 мая.

00 (10mm) in my Prince Albert. I find peeing is much easier with a large thickness but small diameter captive ball ring or curved barbell. The urine goes over the top and straight forward into the urinal if the ball is oriented correctly.


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Prince Albert piercing questions. Discussion in 'Genital Piercings' started by bigwoofer, May 23, 2006. I got my PA done on Friday (3 days ago). Keep in mind this was a return trip to "repair" a botched piercing from a year earlier.


to get my penis pierced, i am interested in so far the frenum, prince albert or foreskin.

since i am not circumsized does a prince albert still look good on non The piercing is done along side the frenulum and the hole is slightly off center. It isn't enough to be noticeable.

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Hi Im looking to get some info on Prince Albert piercing. Im getting it the beginning of next month but Im really curious on what to expect when getting it done like the process, how much pain, how much will it bleed and if it bleeds a lot then what to do to get home from the shop without ruining my clothes.

They say body piercings (excluding earrings and facial piercings) cause burns in the live.

Capt even takes out his "Prince Albert" before hitting the fire ground!
and have the piercing. As part of the worrying build-up I read some personal experiences on this site which went a long way to soothing my.

Well, yesterday I had my prince albert piercing, going for a wee has been the most painful thing i have ever done, its just started to become.

Hallo Freaks des Intimpiercings, habe ein Prince-Albertpiercing (6mm dick;Innen- ø 12mm),und möchte auf diesem wege eure Erfahrungen mit.